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Your goals, objectives and dreams drive everything we do.

We specialize in creating written financial plans and strategies to aid in your quest to accomplish your goals.

Once we have completed a Financial Life Plan, only then do we create portfolios that would have historically helped you achieve your goals.

So what is a written Financial Life Plan? It is an actionable plan that takes into account your goals, your appetite for risk, your current holdings and lays out a roadmap for helping you generate enough income to survive and prosper during your retired years.

How We Work

Financial Planning

Goal Setting: Sometimes the biggest challenge is figuring out what it is you want for your financial future. We help you prioritize what’s most important to you.

Retirement Planning: We help you answer the following questions: When can I retire? How much will I need? And how long will it last?

Income Distribution Planning: How do I create a sustainable, potentially increasing income? By developing a plan which DWM will assist in doing.

College Funding: Create strategies to afford your children and grandchildren the opportunity to attend the best college they can get into.

Investment Planning 

Asset Allocation: Studies have shown that over 90% of your long-term return is not based on picking the best investors, but choosing the correct asset classes.

The Three Bucket Approach to Wealth: 

  1.             Safety (Preserve principal and reduce overall portfolio volatility).
  2.             Income (Generate cash flow while limiting volatility).
  3.             Growth (Manage volatility and focus on opportunity for appreciation, accept greater volatility).

Monitoring and Asset Re-Balancing: In today’s complicated and changing investment world, you cannot just; “set it and forget it.” It is only by constant monitoring and proactive changes, when warranted, that you can achieve you long-term goals.

Tax Management: Through the use of sophisticated tax loss harvesting strategies in conjunction with working with your tax professional, DWM seeks to generate positive after tax returns.

Estate & Tax Planning

IRA and Retirement Plan Distributions: We help our clients organize and consolidate their many IRA accounts and develop a written plan to ensure that their required minimum distributions are being met and won’t be subject to government penalties.

Optimizing Family Gifts: We work with you and your tax advisor to maximize your gifting program to minimize the Estate Tax bite.

Optimizing Charitable Gifts: Many of our clients are philanthropically inclined and are looking to make gifts now, and in the future, to those organizations close to their heart. We show you how to leverage your gifts.

Estate Tax Minimization Strategies: In conjunction with Estate Planning Attorneys, we help you develop the most cost and tax efficient strategies to create enduring Legacies of Love to those closest to you.

Four Cornerstones:

  1. Building Wealth: Most people spend more time planning their vacation than worrying about their wealth management. At DWM, our advisors utilize one of the best-in-class financial planning software programs. Money Guide Pro, that will create a plan based on your budget, your assets, your asset allocation, and most importantly, your goals and dreams for your future. We then create a written plan that will provide you options and choices to help you achieve your financial goals if your current goals are achievable.
  2. Distributing Wealth: When it comes to turning your savings into a paycheck during retirement, our focus is on creating well thought out strategies and utilizing vehicles that can help provide streams of sustainable income for the rest of your life in a tax efficient manner.
  3. Protecting Wealth: Ensuring that your wealth is protected if you live too long, die too soon or get sick somewhere along the way, is a fundamental part of what we do at DWM. We do this by putting proper protecting vehicles in place to preserve your net worth and/or current quality of life, regardless of the circumstances. In addition, we utilize strategies that work to potentially preserve and protect your assets during the unfortunate, but very real recessions, down turns and bear markets that can occur over the course of your investing future.
  4. Transferring Wealth: You have spent your whole life working to accumulate wealth. Our goal is to help you pass that wealth on to family, friends, and charities in the most tax efficient and cost effective manner. We work with your tax and legal advisors to create an estate plan that will allow you to maximize what you give to your family and minimize what you give to the government.