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Welcome To Gideon’s Corner!

| February 16, 2018
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Hey there…so my name is Gideon Drucker and I’m excited to start writing to everyone interested in following along and reading my blog as well as those of you that stumbled here by accident and for some reason are still reading. 

So, the most important question right off the bat…    Who am I and why should you be reading my rantings!? Simply put, my whole world is about making sure that our generation, the “millennial generation”, has a plan to start saving money and preparing for our financial future. I’m in a unique (and admittedly, fortunate) position to be entirely focused on helping all of us start building wealth…

Natural follow up question: Who the heck are you and what do you know?? Fair questions…  I’m a financial advisor at my family’s wealth management that’s been around for over 60 years and through 3 generations…(Since before the only other time the Philadelphia Eagles won a trophy…I’m a NY sports fan…had to!)   My grandpa started our firm back in 1959 for individuals and families looking to become financially independent over the course of their lives…Now, 60 years later...  our clients are doing pretty well for themselves and so have we…

I’ve been working as an advisor at our firm for 2 years…but in a lot of ways I feel like I’ve been thinking about planning for the future, saving money, and becoming a financial advisor my whole life. Once I realized that as a small Jewish kid from the suburbs I probably was not going to be the next Tracy Mcgrady (it was 2000, give me a break) this was all I ever wanted to do…I grew up going to my dad’s seminars all over NYC, listening to client stories at the family dinner table, going to every client event and business conference I could, and badgering my dad on what we did and how we did it (way more intensely than clients did) until he would explain every story, parable, and thought. At university, he gave me financial planning books that had inspired him throughout his career and continue to guide us… (I finished half of them sitting in Geology aka “Rocks for Jocks”.) I thought the fact that he got to grow a business by taking care of family and friends was the coolest thing in the world...  I still do. And now it's my turn. 

So as I embark on planning for my own financial future and that of my similarly young clients, I want to build an ark of lessons, stories, and messages that might help all of us navigate the financial choices we make, the crossroads we’ll all find ourselves at as we grow older and maybe a few ways to make them seem smoother and more manageable along the way!

Everything will be in plain English…This isn’t about rating this or that fund’s standard deviation or best practices while using the Monte Carlo simulation…I think I almost blacked out writing that one sentence, let alone trying to read paragraphs of it. This is also definitely not a blog telling you which stock to pick or which way the market will move next Tuesday @3pm…. because I have no idea, and really, nobody else does either! But that’s for another day….we’ll get there.

These pages will be devoted to big picture ideas (which is all an impersonal blog could really get into) about money management, saving & budgeting strategies, retirement & investment planning. I'll promise you one thing…each post will have one idea, one lesson, and one actionable take-away that will make you really start to think about your own financial world. 


Let’s get it going!


Gideon Drucker

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